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Therapeutic Electrophysical Agents An Evidence-Based Handbook 4th Ed 2022

Alain-Yvan Belanger

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 ISBN: 9781975159580
 Edition: 4th
 Format: Paperback

AU $98.60 

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The outright practice of therapeutic electrophysical agents at your fingertips - open, learn, and apply! Pocket-sized and perfect for learning or practice in any setting, Therapeutic Electrophysical Agents: An Evidence-Based Handbook, 4th Edition, instills the expertise with electrophysical agents needed for success in physical therapy. This proven, practical text is built on evidence from the most recent published peer-reviewed scientific and clinical literature, providing a credible and reliable foundation for safe, effective practice. The updated 4th edition features a new streamlined design that emphasizes essential knowledge and skills in a compact, portable format preferred by today's busy students and practitioners, accompanied by online resources that simplify conversion and dosimetric calculations to save time while ensuring accurate results. - New pocket-sized format provides fast, easy access to essential information on demand. - New Takeawaysfeature highlight key elements related to each chapter. - New and easier approach to objectivedosimetry through multiple exemplified formulas and calculations. - New recommended reading list loaded with the most recent published meta-analysis, systematic reviews, and randomized controlled trials. - Newlisting of Indicationsto optimize therapeutic effectiveness based on best evidence. - Updated Contraindications, Risks, and Precautions for use enhance safety and clinical decision-making. - Updated step-by-step guidance to application. - Updated full-color photos and illustrations clarify concepts and reinforce accuracy.