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Cardiovascular Physiology Concepts 3rd Ed 2021

Dr. Richard E. Klabunde

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 ISBN: 9781975150075
 Edition: 3
 Format: Paperback

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Praised for its concise coverage, this highly accessible monograph lays a foundation for understanding the underlying concepts of normal cardiovascular function and offers a welcome alternative to a more mechanistically oriented approach or an encyclopedic physiology text. Clear explanations, ample illustrations and engaging clinical cases and problems provide the perfect guidance for self-directed learning and prepare you to excel in clinical practice. Chapter Learning Objectives highlight key concepts at a glance.Problems and Clinical Cases with Answers to Problems reinforce fundamental physiological concepts.Summary of Important Concepts boxes provide bulleted quick-review of essential chapter content.Multiple-choice Review Questions and Answers to Review Questions (with full explanations for each answer choice) enable self-assessment and alert you to areas requiring further study.A chapter on Cardiovascular Integration, Adaptation, and Pathophysiology integrates cardiovascular concepts in the context of normal and clinically relevant conditions.