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Essentials of Pediatric Nursing 4th Ed 2020

Theresa Kyle , Susan Carman

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 ISBN: 9781975139841
 Edition: 4
 Format: Hardback

AU $144.50 

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Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, Fourth Edition, helps students develop the clinical reasoning capability to confidently meet the unique challenges of caring for children and their families in a wide variety of healthcare settings. Utilizing the nursing process, a concise, concept-based approach makes relevant information accessible and builds students understanding progressively from concept to application. Rather than repeating medical-surgical content previously mastered, the text builds upon students prior knowledge, establishing an understanding of broad concepts before cultivating students critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Covering a wide scope of relevant topics with an emphasis on common issues and pediatric-specific content, Essentials of Pediatric Nursing focuses on conceptual learning to help you make the most of your class time and ensure that your students are equipped for a successful career in pediatric nursing care. This updated edition introduces new Unfolding Case Studies and Clinical Reasoning Alerts that encourage discussion and clinical decision-making, as well as new Practice and Learn Growth and Development Case Studies and Skill-based Pediatric Videos on thePoint that guide students through commonly encountered scenarios and applications to equip them for the rigors of pediatric practice.