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Clinical Pharmacokinetics 7th Ed 2022

John E. Murphy

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 ISBN: 9781585287000
 Edition: 7th
 Format: Paperback

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In the evolving practice of pharmacokinetics (PK), it is important to keep on top of the latest advances. John E. Murphy, Pharm.D., FASHP, FCCP, a well-known leader in the field of clinical pharmacokinetics, has updated and expanded his widely used textbook and reference.Clinical Pharmacokinetics, 7th Edition, includes the most current information, covering issues such as rational use of drug concentration measurements, changes in dosing obese patients, and considerations for a wider variety of drugs for special populations.Everything You Need to Know About PK TodayDrugs, dosing, and therapeutic monitoringDrug concentration measurementsNew chapter on the impact of pharmacogenomicsNeonatal, pediatric, obese, and geriatric dosingDosing in renal disease and creatinine clearance estimationDrugs sorted by family and as single drugsThe companion workbook Clinical Pharmacokinetics, 7th Edition: Workbook, designed to test skills for using equations and the application of pharmacokinetic parameters, contains questions and exercises with answers and detailed solutions to help gauge understanding.This title is sold as a compelte set containing the text and workbook. They are not available for sale separately.