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The Clinical Medical Librarian's Handbook 2020

Judy C. Stribling

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 ISBN: 9781538127704
 Format: Paperback
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Written by experts working in academic medical centers, Clinical Medical Librarianship: A Primer provides inside guidance for developing, implementing, and improving clinical medical library services. The book leverages the experiences of past clinical medical library programs and how those experiences inform future services. Clinical Medical Librarianship provides descriptions of innovative initiatives and programs such as a curriculum for teaching the next generation of medical librarians, recognizing the importance of patient-centered care, and strengthening relationships with clinicians. In pace with the flow of evolving medical technology and patient care practices, the role of medical libraries and clinical librarians in academic medical centers is ever expanding. Clinical librarians teach medical students, residents, fellows, and new librarians; effect patient care by providing timely clinical information to healthcare providers; and increasingly engage directly with patients and their families by inserting patient education information into electronic medical records, and by contributing their expertise to patient-centered care initiatives. The contributors describe innovative programs and efforts currently in place at leading academic health centers. Practicing medical librarians, library students considering a career in health sciences, and library science instructors will find Clinical Medical Librarianship: A Primer an informative and helpful read.