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Rubin's Pathology: Mechanisms of Human Disease, 8th Ed, Nov 2019

David S. Strayer (Editor)

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 ISBN: 9781496386144
 Edition: 8
 Format: Paperback

AU $165.75 

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With a simple approach to essential information, Rubins Pathology: Mechanisms of Human Disease? establishes the foundation for medical training and practice and delivers the perfect balance of basic pathology and bedside perspective to confidently and efficiently equip students for clinical success. More accessible than ever, this eighth edition emphasizes the coverage students need mostdisease mechanisms, integration of mechanisms into organ system pathology, and application of pathobiology to diagnostic medicinein an approachable format with systems-based instruction techniques in mind. Comprehensively revised and updated content reflects the latest approaches to pathology from global leaders in the field and ensures a clinically relevant understanding of key pathology competencies.