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Decision Making in Perioperative Medicine : Clinical Pearls 2021

Steven Cohn

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 ISBN: 9781260468106
 Format: Paperback

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Minimize risk for every surgery-bound patient with this concise, high-yield clinical referenceWith new surgical advances and innovations, more older, sicker, higher-risk patients are undergoing surgery. Expertly assessing and managing patients with comorbidities who are undergoing surgical procedures is an absolutely critical task today-and Decision Making in Perioperative Medicine: Clinical Pearls will ensure that you make the right decisions through every step of the process.Which risk calculator should you use? How long should you delay surgery after percutaneous coronary intervention? Should the patient continue taking aspirin? How long before surgery should you stop a direct-acting oral anticoagulant? Decision Making in Perioperative Medicine: Clinical Pearls answers your questions when it comes to perioperative care.