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Clinical Neurology and Neuroanatomy A Localization-Based Approach 2nd Ed 2022

Aaron Berkowitz

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 ISBN: 9781260453362
 Edition: 2ND
 Format: Paperback

AU $66.26 

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An engagingly written text that integrates neuroanatomy and neurologicaldiseaseClinical Neurology and Neuroanatomy, Second Edition delivers a clear, logicaldiscussion of the complex relationship between neuroanatomical structure and functionand neurologic disease. Written in a consistent, easy-to-read narrative voice, thisunique text offers a concise overview of fundamental neuroanatomy and the clinicallocalization principles necessary to diagnose and treat patients with neurologic diseasesand disorders. Unlike other neurology textbooks that either focus on neuroanatomy orclinical neurology, Clinical Neurology and Neuroanatomy combines the two in mannerwhich simulates the way neurologists learn, teach, and think.This updated second edition includes access to animated video lectures given by theauthor that offer an entire, flipped classroom course on the fundamentals of clinicalneurology and neuroanatomy.