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Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, 4th Edition, Oct 2018

Dean R. Hess

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 ISBN: 9781260026092
 Edition: 4
 Format: Paperback

AU $108.80 

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A practical application-based guide to adult mechanical ventilationThis trusted guide is written from the perspective of authors who have more thanseventy-five years' experience as clinicians, educators, researchers, and authors.Featuring chapters that are concise, focused, and practical, this book is unique. Unlikeother references on the topic, this resource is about mechanical ventilation ratherthan mechanical ventilators. It is written to provide a solid understanding of thegeneral principles and essential foundational knowledge of mechanical ventilation asrequired by respiratory therapists and critical care physicians. To make it clinicallyrelevant, Essentials of Mechanical Ventilation, Fourth Edition includes disease-specificchapters related to mechanical ventilation in these conditions.