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How to Pass the Racp Written and Clinical Exams : The Insider's Guide 2nd Ed 2017

Raos Johnson

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 ISBN: 9781118892633
 Edition: 2
 Format: Paperback

AU $59.46 

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Surviving the journey through the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) examinations requires grit, courage and hard work. The second editionof How To Pass the RACP Written and Clinical Exams is fully updated to help candidates _ and those who teach them dig deep to maximise their chances ofsuccess.This insiders guide takes the candidate through the whole process, from preparing for the Written Exam, through to presenting short and long cases in theClinical Exam. The authors experiences are combined with tips from recent candidates, wisdom from RACP examiners and advice from specialistcontributors. Additional chapters for post-exam registrars and supervisors include career planning, providing feedback, preparing for interviews, andorganising the Clinical Exam.As well as comprehensive guidance for adult medicine candidates, this new edition includes Paeds Points for paediatrics trainees.Containing a wealth of information, pearls of wisdom, real-life examples and practical advice, this light-hearted insiders guide makes the path through the gruelling RACP exams far easier.