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The Clinical Placement An Essential Guide for Nursing Students 5th Ed 2022

Tracy Levett-Jones; Kerry Reid-Searl

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 ISBN: 9780729543880
 Edition: 5th
 Format: Paperback

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Clinical placements are wonderful learning experiences but they can also bedaunting. This book is written specifically for nursing students undertaking a Diplomaor Bachelor of Nursing. It will help you prepare for clinical placements and enhanceyour knowledge and confidence.Written by leading academics Tracy Levett-Jones and Kerry Reid-Searl, The ClinicalPlacement will give you the knowledge, strategies, practical tips and insights youneed to excel in your placements. It has a strong focus on both person-centred care,self-care, professional and personal responsibilities.With a supporting video series containing a wealth of practical ideas from expertnurses and recently graduated students, this book will empower you to completeyour clinical placements feeling confident and capable as you undertake yourjourney to becoming a registered nurse.