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The Cervical Spine: An Atlas of Normal Anatomy and the Morbid Anatomy of Ageing and Injuries 2017 ANZ

James Taylor

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 ISBN: 9780729542715
 Edition: 2017
 Format: Paperback

AU $75.61 

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Endorsed by Australian Physiotherapy Association. APA is the national body for physiotherapy in Australia and is a not for profit membership organisation with 23.5K members. The APA and Elsevier work together on reviewing and endorsing physiotherapy publications that are then promoted to the membership. An essential reference for health practitioners and students! The Cervical Spine: An atlas of normal anatomy and the morbid anatomy of ageing and injuries is a unique collection of more than 150 anatomical images documenting the development, maturation and ageing of the cervical spine and pathologies associated with ageing and injury. Representing the extensive research conducted by Professor James Taylor into the cervical spine gathered from his study of 266 autopsies over almost a decade, this text is a guide to support the clinical diagnosis of cervical spine trauma and pain.