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Neonatal Nursing in ANZ: Principles for Practice 1st Edition(June 2018)

Kain and Mannix

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 ISBN: 9780729542609
 Edition: 2018
 Format: Paperback

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Neonatal Nursing in Australia and New Zealand: Principles for Practice uniquely reflects the local practice, context and standards of neonatal nursing in Australia and New Zealand. Edited by Victoria Kain and Trudi Mannix, the content spans all neonatal care settings, addressing the considerations of all levels, including special care and intensive care units, while highlighting the collaborative nature of neonatal care and interdisciplinary teamwork within this environment.The text comprehensively addresses ANZ-specific perspectives, including the neonatal context for First Peoples; the neonatal nurse practitioner and advanced practice roles; workplace culture; newborn screening, resuscitation, retrievals and transport; stabilisation of the high-risk newborn; the range of disorders by body system; legal and ethical issues; and end-of-life care in the neonatal unit.Key Features Supported by international and ANZ neonatal network dataAligned to the Australian College of Neonatal Nurses and New Zealand Nurses Organisation StandardsKey learning objectives emphasisedNursing and midwifery-focused Case studies provide the vital link between theory and practiceClinical Practice and Reflections features further reader insight and knowledgeEvidence-based practice research underpins all chaptersFamily-centred care is reinforced throughout.