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Mentoring Doctors : How to Design and Implement a Junior Doctor Mentoring Program

Rachel Collings , Dianne Salvador

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 ISBN: 9780646915357
 Edition: 1
 Format: Paperback
 Category: MEDICINE

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Mentoring Doctors is the first mentoring program start-up guide for the junior doctor mentoring program. Peak medical bodies recommend mentoring as an important support strategy for junior doctors. Based on The Townsville Hospital's Doctors for Doctors mentoring program, this book teaches you how to design and implement a mentoring program for junior doctors at your facility. The methods described in this book allow you to design a formal program that: Is tailored for your setting Spans a 1-year, recurring and continuously improving cycle Supports junior doctor development and well-being according to individual needs Encompasses junior doctor professional development, career advancement and well-being Sustains itself through graduating mentees to mentors i.e. offering mentees the opportunity to reciprocate, by mentoring their junior peers Promotes a flexible approach to mentoring In this book you will discover: How to assemble a network of individuals and orient them to the shared purpose of developing resourceful, effective, resilient junior doctors A 4-stage start-up design process using the key elements: vision, mission, and action and implementation plans Guidance for revising the program beyond the first year A set of 10-dimension implementation guidelines, for: gaining sponsorship, recruiting mentors, attracting mentees, forming partnerships, training 'ready for anything mentors', delivering mentoring, communicating with mentors, information management, maintaining the program's profile, and proving the program's worth. The Townsville Hospital case: "Doctors for Doctors" Interviews with real life mentors Tools: questionnaires, worksheets, examples, a checklist, guidelines and reproducible forms Authors Dianne Salvador and Dr Rachel Collings clarify the whole process of junior doctor mentoring program design and implementation, from start to finish, across the whole year, and give a macro view of the program as well as a micro view of what happens in the mentoring partnership. This is your start-up guide to success.