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Netter's Clinical Anatomy 5th Ed 2022

John T. Hansen

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 ISBN: 9780323826624
 Edition: 5th
 Format: Paperback

AU $86.70 

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Offering a targeted, concise approach to clinical anatomy, Netter's ClinicalAnatomy, 5th Edition, is a portable, easy-to-read text that bridges normal anatomyto common clinical conditions. It features nearly 600 superb illustrations by Drs.Frank H. Netter and Carlos Machado that provide essential descriptions ofanatomy, embryology, and pathology to help you understand their clinicalrelevance. Authored by John Hansen, PhD, an Honored Member of the AmericanAssociation of Clinical Anatomists, this visually stunning text covers and reviews thesizable area of human anatomy and pathology in a quick, easy-to-grasp format.