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Pharmacology in Nursing ANZ 3rd Ed 2019

Bonita Broyles and Barry Reiss

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 ISBN: 9780170421850
 Edition: 3
 Format: Paperback

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WITH ONLINE STUDY TOOLS, ACCESS FOR 12 MONTHS. Pharmacology in Nursing, Australian and New Zealand 3rd Edition focuses on the use of drugs as medications within the healthcare environment in Australia and New Zealand. This text is a resource for nurses and health professionals in their understanding of drugs and their actions, especially with regard to the responsibilities of nurses in relation to medication administration and patient management. The text introduces medications and medication therapies, and the principles and methods of medication administration, with an emphasis on the implications for nursing care. Specific medication therapy considerations for vulnerable groups are presented to highlight the special concerns for these groups. A review of dosage calculations is also included.The text takes a body systems approach, focusing on the pharmacology of the medications that act on the various body systems and their disorders.Premium online teaching and learning tools are available on the MindTap platform.Learn more about the online tools