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Health Assessment and Physical Examination 3rd Ed 2019

Mary Ellen Estes and Pauline Calleja

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 ISBN: 9780170420587
 Edition: 3
 Format: Paperback

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WITH ONLINE STUDY TOOLS, ACCESS FOR 24 MONTHS. Health assessment forms the foundation of all health care. Assessment is an ongoing process that is person-centred and considers the whole person as a physical, psychosocial and functional being, whether they are young or old, well or ill. Health Assessment and Physical Examination, 3rd edition for Australia and New Zealand, provides a well-illustrated approach to the process of holistic assessment, including health history interviews, physical examination techniques and health education.The text is clearly presented and moves the learner through foundation to more advanced health assessment. For all levels of nurses, from commencing students to advanced health care practitioners, this text supports learners by presenting a scaffolded approach. This moves the learner through the comprehensive contextual information for that system, including health assessment and physical examination techniques supported by evidence. Through this process abnormal findings are highlighted and the chapter concludes with assessment applied to practice through a case study exemplar including actions the nurse should consider.